Our Menus
  • J1Avocado MakiAvocado roll3.99
  • J2California RollCrab, avocado, cucumber topped with masago4.99
  • J3Futo MakiVeggie, egg, unagi and crab5.99
  • J4Genki RollShrimp, avocado and masago5.99
  • J5* Hotategai MakiScallop roll4.99
  • J6Kappa MakiCucumber roll3.99
  • J7Spicy Salmon Roll5.99
  • J8* Negihama MakiYellowtail & scallions4.99
  • J9* Sake MakiSalmon roll4.99
  • J10* Spicy Hotategai MakiSpicy scallop5.99
  • J11* Spicy Tekka MakiSpicy tuna roll4.99
  • J12* Tekka MakiTuna roll4.99
  • J13Unagi MakiEel roll (not gluten free)5.99
  • J14Yasai MakiVegetable roll4.99

Hot & Spicy
* Indicates Raw
# Raw or Uncooked: Consuming raw or undercooked fish or meat increase the chance of food borne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions