Our Menus
  • K1Acapulco RollJalapeno,cream cheese,salmon,prepared tempura style with wasabi sauce and eel sauce7.99
  • K2Aqua LadyTuna,salmon,lettuce,cucumber,avocado and carrot rolled in rice wrap with ponzu sauce7.99
  • K3Bam Bam Roll7.99
  • K4Spider Roll7.99
  • K5Boston RollCrab stick,lettuce,avocado,cucumber and shrimp9.99
  • K6Crunchy RollTempura drops,smelt roe,spicy may wrapped in rice,nori and shrimp on top7.99
  • K7Cucumber Special RollCrab,avocado and sesame seeds wrapped in a thin sheet of cucumber7.99
  • K8Crazy RollShrimp tempura,cucumber topped with spicy crab salad and masago8.99
  • K9FireworkTempura style,crab,cream cheese,avocado,crushed red peppers with spicy mayo and scallions8.99
  • K10Fusion RollSalmon,cream cheese and avocado prepared tempura style and served with eel sauce and spicy mayo8.99
  • K11* Dream RollTuna,salmon,yellowtail,avocado,masago,scallions rolls in soybean wrap8.99
  • K12Heat Ware RollWhite fish tempura and avocado topped with crab salad and masago,scallions,hot sauce and eel sauce8.99
  • K13Himalaya RollSalmon,shrimp,avocado and cream cheese rolled in nori,tempura style and topped with crunchy and creamy sauce,eel sauce,tobiko,scallions11.99
  • K14Hurricane RollSpicy tuna and tempura flakes topped avocado and sriracha sauce8.99
  • K15* Mary RollCrab,cucumber,avocado topped with spicy tuna,tempura flakes and spicy mayo7.99
  • K16Philly RollSmoked salmon,cream cheese,cucumber7.99
  • K17* Rainbow RollCrab,cucumber,avocado topped with salmon,yellowtail,tuna9.99
  • K18Shrimp Tempura RollShrimp tempura,cucumber,masago,spicy mayo and eel sauce7.99
  • K19Snow Mountain RollShrimp,cream cheese,avocado and masago with wasabi mayo,tempura flakes on the top7.99
  • K20* Spicy Salmon RollCucumber, crab salad, avocado topped with spicy salmon and crunchy, tobiko, scallion, eel sauce7.99
  • K21Sweet DragonShrimp tempura, masago, spicy mayo topped with eel, avocado and eel sauce10.99
  • K22* Smokey RollSpicy tuna, cucumber, topped with smoked salmon, jalapeno, house spicy sauce and wasabi mayo9.99
  • K23Vegas RollShrimp tempura, crab tempura and spicy mayo7.99
  • K24Volcano RollCrab, avocado, cucumber rolled and covered with a unique baby scallop, spicy lava sauce, spicy mayo, and cream cheese8.99

Hot & Spicy
* Indicates Raw
# Raw or Uncooked: Consuming raw or undercooked fish or meat increase the chance of food borne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions