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    Served w. Steamed Rice
  • 49Beef w. Snow Peas9.45
  • 50Beef w. Cashew Nuts9.45
  • 51Green Pepper Steak9.45
  • 52Orange Beef9.45
  • 53Beef w. Chinese Vegetable9.45
  • 54Beef w. Mushrooms9.45
  • 55Curry Beef9.45
  • 56Beef w. Broccoli9.45
  • 57Hunan Beef9.45
  • 58Beef w. Garlic Sauce9.45
  • 59Beef w. String Bean9.45

Hot & Spicy
* Indicates Raw
# Raw or Uncooked: Consuming raw or undercooked fish or meat increase the chance of food borne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions